Here we go again

Another blog, another introduction. Hello, world, this is a web page where I will share thoughts and commentary and multimedia goodies in hopes of making you fall in love with the town I’m lucky enough to call home.

San Luis Obispo (and the surrounding areas) and I have quite the history; my parents met in the Clyde P. Fisher Science hall; I’ve spent every single birthday of mine since I was 14 at Avila beach; and I learned how to navigate Amtrak and SLO transit before I took my first city bus in my hometown of Santa Rosa.

These are my parents (the ones who met thanks to San Luis Obispo). I felt like I needed to introduce you to them, seeing as they made me who I am and all, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be in SLO right now.

The thing I love most about this place that has now begun to feel more like home than Sonoma County (though I still get defensive when they call Paso Robles “wine country”) is that no matter what time of year, no matter who you run into, no matter how rainy it is outside, it’s always sunny in San Luis Obispo. Maybe not the physical sun you’re thinking of  — because there are rainy days and foggy days and less than pleasant days here  — but an emotional kind of sunny. We, as a community, are friendly here in SLO. Cars stop at pedestrian crossings; you walk into class and you smile and say ‘good morning’ to your professors; you make friends with the people who make your coffee at your favorite shop . . do you get what I’m trying to say?

San Luis Obispo is a happy place to live, rain or shine. So in order to spotlight that, this blog exists. In an effort to back up National Geographic and Oprah Winfrey, this blog will spotlight the reasons San Luis Obispo is so darn happy.

This is one of my favorite photographs taken in my time in SLO. Taken at Pismo Beach in January. Yes, I said January.

I will be stopping by local businesses, chatting with community members and befriending students in hopes of showing you, my dearest readers, why this place is so great.

If you’re reading this and thinking “Oh, she should write about (insert your favorite place in SLO here)!” then you should probably leave a comment and tell me about this favorite place of yours. I’m well versed, I’d say, in SLO hotspots, but I know there are a few handfuls of places I’ve never been.

So with that, get excited. Subscribe to this bad boy. Because if you aren’t completely, totally and utterly enamored by San Luis Obispo right now, you will be by the end of the quarter. Trust me on this one.


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I'm overwhelmed by love, and I think everyone else should be, too.

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