The Happiest Place in America – in the eyes of a freshman

English freshman Veva Peterson has spent almost a month away from her hometown of Santa Rosa, soaking up every bit of San Luis Obispo as she can. I sat down with her for a few fleeting moments in our busy Monday afternoon and as she poured over her English paper, she highlighted a few bits of SLO that bring a smile to her face.

Fast Facts about Veva

  • Full name: Geneveive Ariel Peterson
  • Major: English, with a minor in pre-law
  • Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
  • Family: Dad – Don, Mom – Daphne, younger brother – James

Since moving into her room in Sierra Madre, Veva said she’s fallen in love with the overall vibe of San Luis Obispo.

“Everyone here seems content with life,” she said. “Everyone seems to have a really genuine attitude. I mean, we’re all pretty lucky to live here.”

Peterson fell in love with San Luis Obispo after touring the Cal Poly campus last March.

“You don’t find this kind of enthusiasm everywhere,” she said. “No other schools I toured gave off the happy vibe that Cal Poly did.”

Though, SLO’s recent title – Happiest Place in America – did little to influence Veva’s decision to move to SLO.

“It’s cool and all, but really, I cared more about how I felt on the campus,” she said.

Veva said she loves the location of San Luis Obispo – she didn’t have to choose between mountains or beach, she got both.

“The town is so perfect for college students,” she said. “We can get anywhere, even if we don’t have cars.”

While Veva doesn’t necessarily have her four years planned out, she’s got a few items on her pre-graduation “bucket list.”

“I definitely want to learn how to surf!” she said. “And go to the Sea Caves!”

And Pirate’s Cove! She adds…just kidding.

She’s looking forward to her next four years, getting involved, and soaking up happiness as she can in her time at Cal Poly, wherever that quest for happiness may take her, she’s ready for the adventure.


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