Happiness found at Avila Beach

After a week of midterms, interviews, homesickness and overwhelming amounts of stress, I needed a break. A relaxing afternoon. So, I turned to my favorite place  – Avila Beach.

Since I was 12, I’ve spent every birthday at Avila – playing in the waves, eating Doc Burnstein’s ice cream, contemplating ways to get past the “no jumping” sign on the pier (dont’ tell my mom, but I conquered that one on my seventeenth birthday) and soaking up the ever-present sun.

“It’s always sunny in Avila,” my mom always says.

So I grabbed two friends, a couple of snacks, and made my way to the sandy shores of Avila beach.

On a hot day in San Luis Obispo, Avila looks like this. "I love this place," child development sophomore Alexis Benner siad. "Even when it's cold. Even when it's raining. I love Avila."

Avila is my favorite of the beaches in SLO county because my mom is right – it’s always sunny. And it’s always diverse. Filled with families, college kids and sometimes tourists, Avila connects me to the greater San Luis Obispo community. Saturday was filled with children running across the beach, building sandcastles and crying at the thought of leaving the beach. It reminds me of being that innocent. It reminds me of when my mom would bring me to Avila, and the stories she’d tell me about spending her childhood there. It’s a family tradition – one of many that San Luis Obispo has to offer.

“Avila is where you go to have a fun beach day,” graphic communication sophomore Kat Zeltner said. “It’s not like Shell Beach on Ceasar Chavez day.”

That’s what I love about Avila. It’s FUN. It’s carefree. It’s not the frat party beach.

“It’s the beach where three year olds run around naked and college kids play frisbee and everyone coexists,” Alexis said.

"Avila is the place to play," Kat said. "And the place to relax after a long week of midterms."

So if you’re looking for a relaxing, playful beach with some quality ice cream and a fun swing set, Avila’s your place. It’s easily SLO’s happiest beach. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


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