SLO stays happy by staying fit

I’m a Poly Rep. I rock the unflattering green polo, walk backwards, and give people a thousand reasons to click the “accept” button on their Cal Poly admissions offer. And one of the things I always talk about is how active we are as a community. You can’t walk through campus without seeing someone on a run, on their bike, or heading to the gym.

“I always tell people on tours that we’re a super active campus,” poly rep Kelly Rowse said. “Whether you’re at the rec center or hiking Bishop’s Peak, there’s a ton of ways to get active here in SLO.”

Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

“I love having a gym on campus because it’s so easy to go with friends,” Kelly said. “And there are a ton of clubs you can join whose sole purpose is to be active in SLO.”

The Rec Center is currently under construction, but will open at the beginning of winter quarter.

Like Kelly said, there are a ton of clubs you can get involved in that keep you active.

The Cal Poly Distance Club is one way to get active and get involved. Graphic communication sophomore Andrea Hernandez said she loves working with the distance club because “running with others helps to keep me motivated.”

Andrea is also involved with intramural sports.

“I play intramural soccer every quarter,” she said. “It’s such a fun way to hang out with your friends and keep active.”

ASI runs intramural sports every quarter. They vary from soccer to dodgeball, encompassing just about everything in between.

ASI maintains the intramural fields and has both artificial turf and natural grass fields.


From a personal standpoint, I always feel better about my day when I’ve done something active during it. Whether it’s a run through the architecture graveyard, an assist at an IM soccer game or an hour on the elliptical at the Rec Center (which, by the way, I cannot wait for), my mood is always lifted after I get in some exercise.

Maybe it makes sense  – fit people and happy people go hand in hand. So, seeing as I’m an expert in statistics, I’m going to inferr that SLO is happy because it is a town of fit people.

And you said journalists can’t do math!


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