I’m thankful for San Luis Obispo

Today I was present at three Thanksgiving gatherings. Yes, three. And so I’m taking this time to tell you that the happiest part of San Luis Obispo is by far the people. And the people agree.

“I wasn’t sold on Cal Poly until I came to campus and I met the people here,” liberal studies junior Amy Herman said. “When I saw how happy and friendly everyone was, I knew this was the right place for me.”

And I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the people I run into every day. Maybe it’s because I’m involved, and the people I meet are involved too, but everyone I know here is friendly.

We had a Thanksgiving reunion with my WOW training group. These people inspire me in so many ways. I'm so glad San Luis Obispo brought us all together.


When you’re in SLO, you know you’re going to be able to find people who motivate you, who put a smile on your face, who remind you that you’re a person of value.

Cal Poly graduate Ilana Winter said her love for SLO grows exponentially even though she’s now living in New York City.

“SLO taught me that people are inherently good,” she said. “It gave me a place where I could be myself.”

So I told you before, I had three Thanksgiving get togethers today. One of them took place in the Mustang Daily newsroom. And I’m going to be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with said newsroom. But I guess, if you throw us all around our big table, serve us heaping portions of food and prompt us to talk about what we’re thankful for, we’re going to be nice to each other.

Our managing editor talked about how thankful she was that we in the newsroom have a killer work ethic.

And in that moment I realized another reason SLO is so happy — the people here work tremendously hard to make this place great. Whether it’s putting out a paper or building a prosthetic foot or planning a seamless Week of Welcome, we as a community are willing to work hard. And I think that overall contributes to our happiness levels. We love what we do — that’s something to be happy about.

And then I was whisked away to yet another Thanksgiving feast, where we dressed up and we cooked everything from scratch and there was even a turkey and the entire time I was awe-struck. I’m probably wrong in saying that this only happens in SLO but I feel like these kinds of things don’t happen at the same capacity anywhere else.

“I love this, I love us, I love SLO,” architecture junior Aly Rodgers said. “This is too great. I can’t believe this is the group of friends I got.”

homecooked, family style heaven. No place on earth does college Thanksgiving quite as well.

So while it may sound clichè, I’m using my last blog post to tell you how much I love this place, and how happy I am here. I hope everyone else is too, and I’m pretty sure they are.


Croftie out.


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