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Cal Poly students de-stress and re-energize after week of midterms

Alright, readers. It’s week 6. I think this is my least favorite week of the quarter. You’re more than halfway done, but still have SO MUCH to do before going home and eating too much peppermint bark, or whatever it is YOU do over winter break. The days are long, but the weeks are short. I’m sitting here thinking “good gracious, it’s only Tuesday?” but come Friday, I guarantee you, I’ll say something along the lines of “holy crap, it’s Friday.”

The hardest part of week 6 is that you’re often straddled with midterms. Whether this is your breather week or you stressful week, I’m here with de-stress expert Kalli Sandberg with some helpful tips on how to unwind.

Recreation, parks and tourism junior Kalli rewards herself after a long day with some frozen yogurt.

“First, my friends and I taste test at Bali’s and Yo Crea downtown,” she said. “Then we decide which one we’ll go to.”

I'm partial to Yogurt Creations, on Court Street. But Kalli likes to compare their flavors to Bali's before she makes her de-stress yogurt purchase.

Sandberg said she also loves driving through town, or out to the beach.

“We hop in the car, blast some music, and just let everything go,” she said. “A car, some music, and good friends. That’s all I need.”

My personal brand of de-stressing is baking. Or eating. Or both! Tonight, my roommates and I made these Kentucky butter cupcakes, and I thought they belonged in my de-stress post. It’s people like my lovely roomies that remind me why SLO is so happy.

They aren't much to look at, but these guys are delicious. Butter, sugar, vanilla extract...really all you need for some indulgent desserts.

Even dishes are cathartic on my most stressful days.

But in all seriousness, if I’m going anywhere in my stressed out mode, it’s more often than not Kreuzberg, CA. They call themselves a book bar and coffee lounge. I call it heaven. With couches considerably more comfortable than the one in my apartment and high-quality coffee and tons of delicious goodies to choose from, how could one NOT feel relaxed?

Hipster paradise

I guess you could call this place cluttered. Full of books and vintage furniture and board games and people talking and smiling. the walls are filled with photos of authors and letter pressed messages. Wait. That sounds like my dream house. You get the idea. I like it here. I think it captures SLO quite well. Just some happy folks coming together to drink coffee (we’re good at that here, our starbucks is one of the highest grossing in the nation), chat, read, and support local business.

Now that I’ve written this post, I’m in a K-berg state of mind, so if you’ll excuse me, I have some de-stressing to do.

Croftie out.

Cal Poly students discuss the happiest parts of SLO

Check it out! Here’s a video of some fellow San Luis Obispo lovers. You know I love SLO, but listen to why they love it.


A brief discussion with JJ Jenkins

I sat down with journalism sophomore JJ Jenkins, as he talked about the magic of Cal Poly soccer, and his happy places in SLO.

A chat with Triple J

San Luis Obispo enthusiasts recommend where to find happiness in town

So you’ve heard it a million times – SLO is the happiest place in America. Even Oprah says so (and if it’s on Oprah, it has to be true, right?) But let’s face it, Oprah’s super-human, so I talked to some real people – Cal Poly students – about SLO and its happiness level.

The Question: If you met someone who came to SLO for the first time, where would you tell them to go to experience the happiness  of San Luis Obispo? 

The Answers: 

  • Smile and Nod
  • The Graduate
  • Downtown San Luis Obispo
  • Firestone Grill
  • Bishop Peak

Smile and Nod: Liberal studies junior Amy Herman chose Smile and Nod as her go-to destination because it challenges its participants to leave their comfort zones.

“when I tried improv, I was so scared!” she said. “But the true happiness and magic of SLO came out when everyone encouraged me to do my best.”

Amy admired the inclusivity of the Smile and Nod gang and said it embodied the inclusive, open-hearted nature of the general SLO community.

The Graduate: Amy also recommended line dancing at The Grad for our make-believe SLO newcomers. Once again, line dancing embodies the carefree, fun personality that the town has.

“There are some people who go (line dancing) all the time, and they’re totally willing to help you learn the dances so you can have fun too,” she said.

Amy admires Cal Poly students’ abilities to look out for one another, and serve as catalysts for each other’s fun.

“I guess people here are a little less selfish and a little more altruistic than other people.”

Downtown SLO: Modern languages and literatures sophomore Emma Horowitz said downtown showcases perfectly what makes San Luis Obispo so special.

Shops on Garden street are run by local business owners and add to the fun downtown experience.

“It’s local, and it’s cute, but it’s still modern and fun,” she said. “It’s where the college community and the rest of the community comes together, which is really great.”

Emma said she loves that everything comes together downtown – the old and the new, the college kids and the families.

“It offers a real taste of the town, in just a few blocks,” she said.

Firestone Grill: “Good food is kind of a big deal here,” graphic communication sophomore Tess Hannel said.

Firestone Grill offers indoor and outdoor seating, delicious food and a fun atmosphere for its customers.

The atmosphere of Firestone grill is always fun, social and light. The iconic tri-tip sandwich is a must-have for anyone visiting SLO.

“Food makes me really happy,” Tess said. “And having fun when you’re eating is even better. And Firestone is definitely a fun place.”

Bishop Peak: Tess stressed the natural beauty of San Luis Obispo.

The western view of Bishop's peak stretches all the way to the ocean.

“We have such beautiful scenery here,” she said. “And you can see it all from the top of Bishop’s.”

The mountain is one of the “seven sisters” in San Luis Obispo county, and from the top, one can see from the ocean to and beyond the hills of Cal Poly’s campus.

“We’re a really active community, which is definitely something that sets us apart,” Tess said. “So to get a real taste of SLO, you gotta hik Bishop’s.”

So with that, I advise anyone planning a vacation to my happy little town to place these spots on their itinerary. Fun, food, scenery and laughter – all crucial parts of SLO that make it  – you guessed it – the happiest place in America.

The happiest pieces of the happiest place

Most of the time, I can’t do justice to these beautiful places I’m going to write about with my words. So today, I bring you a slideshow with some tid bits of what I think makes SLO the happiest place in America. Enjoy!

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